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Overseas articles│Take root overseas, gain a foothold in the world, and create new glories again!

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In 2021, Shandong Sino Building Materials Group will start the overseas warehouse layout of the overseas business department, conduct overseas localized sales, and solve customer supply chain problems. Overseas sales will quickly become an important growth point for the company's business. In the first half of 2023, the overseas business department will continue to grow and develop, and will continue to improve in terms of team building, system and system building, and sales performance, and make new breakthroughs. 20230818878618.png 1. Focus on team building and lay a solid foundation In the first half of 2023, the overseas business department will continue to grow and develop, and a sub-branch will be established: the Market Development Department, and a number of Guan Peisheng will be recruited. The organizational structure has been continuously improved, and production management, domestic operations, overseas teams, and market expansion are all available. At the same time, the construction of the local employee system in overseas branches has been continuously improved, and seven overseas markets, including Ghana, Azerbaijan, and Kote, have also matured and grown through exploration. 2. Use the system to build sophisticated operations In the first half of the year, the rules and regulations of the overseas business department continued to be improved. According to the overall operation situation, the overseas work standard manual was improved, and corresponding plans and procedures were formed for the problems and solutions in each market, which were used as the unified training and learning in the later stage of the group. according to. The financial system, order process, risk control, organizational structure, market research process, new overseas warehouse project, new product project approval system and other systems have been improved and implemented in an orderly manner. 3. Promote business scale to a new high The Overseas Business Department continues to make new breakthroughs and create new glories through continuous deepening of the market, developing major customers, and tapping potential customers. In the first half of 2023, sales exceeded 30 million US dollars, a year-on-year increase of more than 80%. Export volume, sales The volume is at the forefront of the industry! Behind the outstanding performance is the impressive market feedback of good customer reputation and excellent brand image! Fourth, seek strategic planning to win in the future In the second half of the year, the Overseas Business Department will continue to uphold the spirit of unity and positive progress, seize market opportunities, develop and occupy the market with high quality and good service, and increase user stickiness with professional team and supply chain services. At the same time, continue to extend the industrial chain, increase the added value of overseas warehouses, and capture opportunities with keen eyesight. Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan overseas warehouses actively explore the new energy vehicle market on the basis of the existing steel business, and closely follow the policy to promote development. Not only that, the development of the second product in overseas warehouses has also unstoppably boosted the development of import and export business. Daily necessities, fast-moving consumer goods, etc. have appeared in overseas warehouses one after another, increasing the overall profit margin while promoting the development of South Africa, East Africa and other regions. Hong Kong CNBM responded to General Secretary Xi Jinping's call to build a community with a shared future for mankind with practical actions. image.png Su Zi once said: "If you look at it from the perspective of change, the world cannot be seen in a flash." In this era surrounded by the torrent of the moment, if you want to become a master of trends, you need to seize the opportunity during the change and be brave in innovation. Keep breaking through. Set sail in the second half of 2023, what awaits the overseas business department is a wider water area and a more magnificent voyage. Let us, with vigorous ambition and tenacious perseverance, keep our feet on the ground and move forward courageously, step by step to turn the grand goal into a better one. Reality!